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Charlene Y. Dunn, Ed.D.

Digital Business Consultant & Educator

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Hi, I'm Charlene Y. Dunn, Ed.D., and I have been waiting to help you! For over twenty years, I taught business & marketing education and facilitated instruction in person and online for thousands of children and hundreds of adults.  I have also explored many entrepreneurship ventures, worked on many contract jobs and assisted teacherpreneurs with various tools to enhance their businesses. 


After considering my skills, passions, experiences and professional training, and launched the a hub for start-up entrepreneurs, Get It Dunn, Digital Business Agency. This online place is to help entrepreneurs, edupreneurs and kidpreneurs package what they KNOW & DO to start and grow their digital businesses.  Peruse the website to learn more about the two signature programs: 

  1. Digital Side-Hustles

  2. Children Building Businesses 

Helping Entrepreneurs, Edupreneurs & Kidpreneurs

 Plan, Launch & Grow Their Digital Business

Signature Programs

Children Building Businesses

CBB is a platform for children to learn business skills and entrepreneurial development.  The purpose is to teach children how to launch a business that includes creating products & service to be distributed via an online business model. 

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DSH, helps new and aspiring entrepreneur & edupreneurs plan, launch & grow their digital business.  Join the FB Group and follow on Instagram to learn how to packaging what you DO & KNOW into profitable digital products (digital products & services: eBooks, Master Classes and eCourses). 




Are you a Digital Side-Hustler?

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Learn to Earn

Get It Dunn Business Academy

The Get It Dunn Business Academy is where it all goes down!  This is the online learning place for digital side-hustlers and kidpreneurs. Take a class or an online camp to help you start or grow your business or develop as an individual.

Mission Accomplished Journal

Mission Accomplished: A Guided Journal to S.L.A.Y. Your Goals is a productivity tool that uses the Six by Two Results Method™ to help you restructure your calendar and refocus your energy to maximize your year and accomplish more.